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Just when we were thinking that Spring was never going to get here, here it is! The Bee & Thistle is heralding its coming with new displays loaded with flora and fauna. After suffering through Mother Nature's last season in early 2015, we have had a lot of fun, recently, decorating the shop with a breath of Spring.

You will find a lot of things to help you enjoy the patio, deck, and garden. Eileen also has a lot of accessories to help you enjoy outside and do it with some fun fashions. Keeping up with the season and customer demand, we have expanded our line of fairy accessories.

Mother's Day is only a couple of weeks away. Be sure to stop in for your perfectly-gift-wrapped presents for the ladies in your life.

Favorites at The Bee & Thistle continue to be tea or wine-related items, frames, and antique china and stemware. The new favorite is our handbag collection. Be sure to visit our Gift Selections page to see the breadth of our selections.

The Bee & Thistle also offers a chair repair service including both gluing and repair. Come see us!

Eileen and John Dilley

Featured Product:
Flutter Shawls


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Featured Product: Flutter Shawls

The flutter shawls are a hit, and we have just received our second shipment of them. Create your own look. Great for travel, an evening out, and how about that cruise?
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Peek in Our Store:

  • Our Store #1
    Our Store #1
    The outside....
  • Our Store #2
    Our Store #2
    ...and the inside....
  • Window #1: Spring in the Garden...
    Window #1: Spring in the Garden...
    As promised we have flora and fauna all ready for the garden and patio. Plaques, cherubs, decorated watercans, planters, and even more of them even riding a snail!
  • Window #2: Spring in the Wardrobe...
    Window #2: Spring in the Wardrobe...
    The heavy sweaters and Polartec are history...finally. Isn't Spring beautiful? What better way to change your mood and outfit than with beautiful colors and fabrics. Come see for yourself.
  • Window #3: More Fairy Gardens!
    Window #3: More Fairy Gardens!
    You have to look close, but here is a birds-eye view of some of the new arrivals in fairyland! See if you can find the: tractor/cart, the hammock, carrot patch, apple tree, the tomato plant, and the bird's nest. Come on in for a better look!