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Welcome to Bee and Thistle!

The Bee & Thistle made it through the Halloween 'Parade' unscathed after 1000 Dum-Dums and innumerable Tootsie Rolls and Pops. Halloween is now packed up, and the fairies are happy with their new, warmer location in the store. Just as they were getting warm, the weather changed back into late summer, but winter will be back soon enough. They will be staying in the store until spring. Our new fairy boxes have arrived along with starter sets to create the perfect gift for your own fairy princesses.

As promised, two of the windows at the shop are now decorated for Christmas. The remaining, large window is fully decorated with Thanksgiving tabletop items ranging from turkeys to pilgrims and Native Americans to salt and peppers to a variety of serving pieces. We will be having a 30% sale on these items until Thanksgiving. For those of you who wish to set a nostalgic table, we are also featuring an assortment of antique gravy boats complete with fun ladles.

We have been discussing how we plan to help you cope with the parking challenges. Our hours are now 10 AM - 5:30 PM Tuesday - Saturday, and Sundays from 12 noon to 4 PM. We have always been open by appointment so you can give that a try also. After Thanksgiving, we will be open 7 days/week…10 AM - 5:30 PM Monday - Saturday, and Sundays from 12 noon to 4 PM.

At the Bee and Thistle, you will always be greeted by an owner, either Eileen or John, who have been the only employees since we opened in November, 1973. Eileen, since she does the buying for the shop, has an intimate knowledge of what is available to meet the needs of the customer.

If you have not yet experienced shopping at our store, do yourself a favor and stop by for your next gift. The variety of gift items at the Bee & Thistle is truly amazing, and for an appreciation of the gifts available, please visit the Gift Selections page. Remember, shop local and shop small.

Come see us!

Eileen and John Dilley
Our Year-Round Christmas Nook!
In addition to our local shoppers, we routinely enjoy visits from out of towners, and way out of towners like Europeans visiting family. We are responding to two primary requests: 1) Products made in the USA, and 2) a Christmas nook year round. It is amazing how many Christmas collectors there are year-round. So, to respond to our two prime requests, we are happy to announce our Maplewood Ornament collection for 2016, led by a memory of the key landmark in Maplewood, our train station.
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A Tribute to our Maplewood Train Station

How many trips have you started at our station? Now all we need to do is get a gingerbread man stationed outside.
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What Would a Station be Without a Train?

In this picture, you can see some of the other buildings in our village. You might want to have a village on the mantel, or each of them is very lightweight and can be hung as an ornament.
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Speaking of a Village…

Let's see if you can find the ski lodge, general store, candy store, covered bridge, reindeer barn to name a few.
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And More Businesses…

There's even a movie theater, firehouse, clock tower, and more...
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Gee, What Would a Town be without Dog Houses?

What would a dog house be without its own fire hydrant?

Peek in Our Windows:

Outside our store…
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Inside, a warm welcome awaits…
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Cardinals Galore…
Cardinals have always been our favorite bird. We have a variety of feeders in the back yard and always have a few cardinal families among our visitors. We have a number of fellow cardinal followers in our clientele, and we hope that that they appreciate the display.
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A Gathering of Christmas
This window provides an excellent harbinger of the types of things to come. In addition to the lanterns, there will be many different trees, beautiful angels, carolers, deer, snowmen, and, of course, handsome Santas. The Irish St. Nick is there to remind everyone that there will also be gifts with a touch of the ol' sod. Beginning with the Celtic Nativity, there will be a number of other nativities in different sizes and textures. So, we are just getting started decorating stay tuned so you do not miss anything.
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Decorating for Thanksgiving
This turkey platter really captures the spirit of the holiday. Other items pictured are salt/pepper shakers, dangling turkeys, sitting turkeys, snack dishes, and a very popular item, the message flatware. Some of the spoon messages are: "Let the stuffing begin", "Veg Out", "Oh My Gravy". One of the forks says, "Talk turkey to me".
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Peek in the Store:

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The Perfect Ornament

Looking for the perfect ornament? We have it!! For only $16, you will receive an attractive door-shaped ornament customized with either your 2-line home address or two lines of text (as long as they fit). The printing is done while you wait, and is done by John who used to teach mechanical drawing.
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The Ol' Bait Bucket

Who says that fish don't understand their 'hunters'?
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Hot Air Balloons Anyone?

Usually you have to be on Rte. 78 at about 5:30 PM in late summer to see these. Now you can have one on your tree!!
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Just One of the Angel Ornaments

Isn't she beautiful? She has a lot of friends, too!
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Ballerinas Anyone?

Just the thing for that budding ballerina in your family.
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The LAWYER ornament...

A little tongue in cheek for your favorite barrister.
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Fish Catching Man!!

Now how about this ornament? For the fisherman who has everything!